Bring reliability and performance back to your vessel by Engineering based repair to the root of the problem.

With our 50 in-house engineers and over 30 draftsmen, we use engineering know-how as the core to organize the repair process, systematically in finding the cause of the problem to analyze and solve the problems directly to the root cause.


In addition to the engineering-based ship repair services, our Repair and After sales Service Department has extensive experience in repairing project, and expert in any type of works. Our Quality Assurance Department ensure that all repair processes are in according to high Quality Standard.


Therefore, please be assured that your vessel meets the operational requirements, bring back the most efficiency, increase lifetime, and hence most value for the money.


Our maintenance & repair services for ship owners and operators include the, but are not limited to, following:


     - Steel, Aluminium, Composite Structural Repair

     - Mechanical and propulsion system

     - Electrical Navigation and Weapon System

     - Interior Works

     - Welding by Certified Welders

     - Paint and Coatings

     - Onboard Repair

     - Surface treatment


For the more ship repair service information, please feel free to contact us.